Common HVAC Problems & How Pros Fix Them

Our HVAC unit is unquestionably the most significant component that every home or business should have. The main reason behind this is because, without these heating and cooling units, our premises wouldn’t be as comfortable as it should be all year round. That is why it is also favorable to have your HVAC units maintained by a professional technician to maximize your home’s comfort level and efficiency. Fortunately, for homeowners, there are various signs that you should not overlook, and these are:

  • Inefficient airflow



  • Cold & hot spots
  • Pressure imbalances
  • And more

With the above mentioned, you can somehow determine that your HVAC system has underlying problems that need to be taken care of immediately.

In this post, heating and air conditioning service specialists from Green Tree Heating & Cooling list the common HVAC problems that you may experience and how our pros can fix them.

  • Dirty & Clogged Filters-  This is one of the most common HVAC issues that you can experience. Due to lack of maintenance and proper cleaning, your air filters will be prone to clogging, which may result in cold or hot spots along with stuffy air within your premises. Our professional technician would probably suggest that you should change your filters regularly to prevent this problem.
  • Thermostats Malfunctions- Another common issue with your HVAC system is your malfunctioning thermostat. Sometimes, the culprit why it malfunctions is the age and extreme temperature changes. As per the professionals of Green Tree Heating & Cooling, you should always check your thermostats to see if the battery needs to be changed. Either you have a faulty thermostat or thermostat battery issues, it can create problems for your heating and air conditioning unit.
  • Noisy Heating Units- Though some furnace noises are part of its regular operation, some may be an indication that something is wrong with your heating unit. A squealing motor can be an indicator that the bearings with your blower motor are failing. A professional technician would advise that you should replace your blower motor to prevent a complete furnace failure.
  • Others- Even though there are still common problems that you should look for, please know that the professionals of Green Tree Heating & Cooling are always ready to help every step of the way.

Here at Green Tree Heating & Cooling, we have the best servicemen that can always help when you need air conditioning repair or any other HVAC repair services. Our team of technicians is your go-to partner when you need heating and air conditioning services, bringing all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the job you desire. So, if you want someone professional that can fix just any HVAC problems, you know that Green Tree Heating & Cooling is the right company to call!