How come my HVAC is making noise?

After years of using your AC in your home, you may become used to its sounds. The noises that your air conditioner makes could be one of the signs that it is having some problems. If your unit starts making unusual noises, it may be having a serious problem, and you must contact someone professional that can help you fix it. You may be experiencing some sounds that seem louder or more uncommon than usual, and I bet that you need someone that can help you identify those problems.


These might be the Four(4) factors to consider why your air conditioning or HVAC system is making noise.


Irritating Squeal or Screech Noises

These 2 noises could be the most critical and irritating noises that your air conditioner can make. Not only it causes you some bothersome, but it can be worse if you won’t take corrective action or hire someone that can handle it on time. Squealing or screeching sounds can mean a variety of problems, which mainly include that the blower motor has a loose motor bearing or belt misalignment. Usually, these are caused by the continuous running of your blower motor, even if your system has been turned off, combined air pressure from having too many closed vents in your system and having holes and cracks in your air ducts can cause this problem.

If you hear this harsh squealing or screeching in your system, you should promptly turn it off because it is best for you to hire someone expert that can help you with this problem.


Clicking Sounds

Your air conditioner or HVAC system requires a large and detailed electrical circuit to function properly. When one part goes missing it could bring the entire system down or worse can cause some accidental fire. Gladly, there are signs that you can consider to stop this problem from happening, including this clicking sound. This would be the main indicator of why your electrical relay gives out, especially if the clicking sound is coming from the outside compressor or control panel unit.


In this case, the best way to handle this problem is to contact the nearest and the most reliable HVAC repair company to have someone fix it.


 Repeated Scraping Noises

A scraping sound indicates a disconnected or loose part of your system. One of the factors why this would happen is that your blower motor could simply have broken or loosened parts that produce this kind of sound.


In these circumstances, only an expert can handle it, and this issue might need a blower motor replacement.


Different Strange Noises

Your AC and HVAC system normally functions smoothly and produces a soft sound. Unfortunately, these 3 noises such as clanking, banging, and rattling sound indicate a troubled or loose part in your HVAC system. This leads to a vibration that causes a rattling and irritating sound, but if a thumping or banging sound happens, your unit may be having some bigger problems like for example, a dislodged part. It would be best to shut your system off and call someone professional to diagnose the problem.


In several cases, the repair might be simple: just a quick fix, and it will be ok. But, closed or sealed units will need to be replaced to contain the terrible noise. It is always best to call us at Green Tree Heating & Cooling for your problem because we can provide you the best HVAC repair service. Contact us now!