Thermostat Installation

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Thermostat Installation

As our technology keeps evolving toward the future, our HVAC systems are following with it. One of the more recent and popular additions to HVAC systems are the smart thermostats. These thermostats allow homeowners to control the temperature of their homes from their smartphones. It’s applicable even when you are not home to change the temperature settings in your residence. At Green Tree Heating & Cooling, we’re your thermostat installation experts in the country. We’re happy to answer all of your questions you may have about installing a smart thermostat in your home.

Below is the list of possible problems that require repair or replacement:

  • HVAC won’t turn on
  • HVAC won’t turn off
  • No response
  • Uneven temperatures

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, it may be the right time for a new thermostat. Green Tree Heating & Cooling are thermostat experts for repairs, maintenance, and installations. This is why it is important to depend on your thermostat installations for us. Our technicians are well-experienced and equipped with proper training for thermostat installing. They also wear floor protectors and cleaned up the working area after their service/installations, leaving your house spotless. 

Call now for your thermostat installations and have our expertly trained technicians do their job! 

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While other companies focus on getting the most money out of you, we focus on giving you the utmost care. With our eco- friendly and energy-saving units, you’ll be able to save money and reduce our carbon footprint.

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