How to Get an HVAC System Summer Ready?

Summer is almost here, now is the time to start to consider things you can do around the house to help keep your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, or HVAC, working at its best.

Here are 8 ways to guarantee that your HVAC will be ready to take in the summer:

  1. Focus on the Filter

The first thing you need to check when it comes to your HVAC unit is your air filter. You may need to use a replaceable type filter or a more permanent one. With the disposable filter, it’s necessary to replace your air filter at least once a month. Other filters need to be fully cleaned about once a month to keep things working effectively. You may need to clean or change your filters frequently if you have pets in your home or are a smoker.

Once you’ve got a newly cleaned air filter, your HVAC won’t have any dust or dirt blocking or restricting the cool air from circulating freely throughout your home.

  1. Keep the Outdoor Areas Clear

The next thing to do is to go outside and inspect your HVAC unit. You want to make sure the area is clear and free from the trash. If there is any debris or other objects that are blocking the area or touching your air conditioner, you have to remove it away. Make sure there are no shrubs too close to it.

  1. Use A Programmable Thermostat

One of the best things you can do to save you from your energy bill is to install an automatic thermostat. With the new technologies that arise today, it is now possible to customize your air conditioning schedule even when you aren’t home.

4. Maximize AirFlow with Fans

Placing several different kinds of fans throughout your home can make a huge difference in the comfort and quality of the air inside. You have a couple of different options here, these are ceiling fans, tabletop fans, and floor fans.

  1. Utilize Window Treatments

If you have a lot of windows on your home, you may have noticed that the indoor temperature can increase due to the sun entering through the glass. Your air conditioner then has to hit into overdrive in order to resist the quick heat up in the afternoon.

One way to battle this from happening is to spend high-quality window methods, such as blinds or drapes. Putting window curtains over sun-exposed areas can help block the afternoon buildup of heat that normally takes place in the summer months.

  1. Clear Your Vents

Walk through your home and examine each of your vents. Clear out any blockage or debris and make sure the vents in the rooms you want to use your air conditioning are open. This can help your HVAC get an even amount of coverage throughout your property. This is basic maintenance that can enhance the function of your HVAC, but if you are still experiencing these issues, you might have to hire a professional for the problem.

  1. Reduce Heat From Other Appliances

It is a great plan to avoid using big appliances. For example, instead of throwing all of your laundry into the dryer, try hanging your clothes outside your homes to dry. Let the heat of the sun help you dry your clothes and have that fresh smell of sunshine.

  1. Update Your Unit!

If you’ve tried all of these tips and your HVAC unit is still not cooling your home, it may be the perfect time to invest in an upgraded system. An aged unit may actually be costing you more money due to it’s cooling loss and excess waste. Today’s latest models of air conditioners are being made even more energy-efficient and offer ways to help lower your energy bills.

Summer-Proofed Your HVAC System!

Summer is approaching, be prepared to enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer days. If you had tried these ways and still no luck, call our Green Tea Heating & Cooling now! Our technicians are well-trained and perform quality HVAC repair services and improvements. We will help you, not only save your homes to the heat of the sun but also save more money off your bills.